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Frequently asked questions offers a completely new feature to design you personal Geocoin from only 1 piece! Here are the most important questions and answers:


Features of mypersonalGeocoins

Trackingcodes, Activationscodes, Icon

Usage of Groundspeak-Logo and other motifs

Price and production

Changing my design

Repeat order


Which features do mypersonalGeocoins have?

Size: 44mm diameter
34mm place for your design
45g weight

9 different platings available
Official name: "my personal Geocoin"

Prefix: PS
Trackbable at yes
Custom Icon: yes, same for all


What does the backside show? Which platings are available?


Antique Silver
no color

Antique Gold
no color

Antique Copper
no color

Shiny Gold
Shiny Silver
Satin Gold
translucent red
Satin Silver
translucent blue

Black Nickel 1
+ glow in the dark 
(daylight color yellow)


Black Nickel 2
+ glow in the dark 
(daylight color white)






Are all mypersonalGeocoins trackable and do they have an own icon?

Yes. All coins have an engraved tracking code, an own icon and are trackable at    

Where do I get the activationcode?

At our shop there is the menu item "Activationcodes" in the upper menu. Enter your trackingcode of the coin and your email address to retrieve the activationcode. Please keep in mind that you have to use both codes to activate the coin at

Can I get an own icon?

No. The setup of an own icon at Groundspeak costs $150.00 which would raise the costs for a small edition very high ;-)


  Am I allowed to use the Groundspeak logo?

You can use the logo but it has to be undistorted, unaltered and it must have the circle (R) sign at the top right.
Here are the usage regulation en detail:




What motifs may I use?

Each design has to be sighted and approved by Groundspeak. Geocaching is a family friendly hobby and Groundspeak wants to make sure that geocoins do not show inappropriate content or violate third-party rights.

A few important rules:

- The design must not violate third-party rights (see our general terms and conditions §11)
- Coarse, violence-glorifying, right-wing extremist and motifs with nakes persons are not allowed and will not be approved.

Am I allowed to exchange the stickers? Can I order a coin without a sticker?

No. Our agreement with Groundspeak only allows designs that have been approved before. Therefore we cannot allow to paste another sticker over.
Because of the same reason we won't sell blank mypersonalGeocoins because we can't check which motif will be on the coin. Since we use a top-quality sticker we also don't want a "cheap sticker" to be put on the coin.

Furthermore we think that coins with inappropriate designs should not be in geocaches. if you find such a coin, please inform us.


What is the minimum quantity for a coin with my own design?

Starting from 1 coin!


How much is the mypersonalGeocoin? Are there graduated prices?

Yes, the prices are related to one design, independent from the chosen metal editions.

1 Coin                   15,- EUR

from 5 Coins         13,- EUR

from 10 Coins      12,- EUR

from 50 Coins      10,- EUR



How long does the production take?

After we received your order and the payment we are going to sift your design and then forward it to Groundspeak for approval. Usually this takes 2 - 5 working days after the receipt of the payment. As soon as the design is approved, your mypersonalGeocoin will be produced and can be shipped after another 3-5 working days.

The time of production after the receipt of payment is about 10 working days. You will be informed about every step via email.


How is my design put on the coin?

mypersonalGeocoins are preproduced coins on which your design will be fitted accurate to the millimeter. In order to do this your design will be printed onto a high-quality foil that will be laminated afterwards. Because of this your sticker will be waterproof, scratchproof and UV-proof. The coins successfully passed our "3-day-watertest" so a moist geocache won't harm your coin.

How can I change my design after my order?

We can only change your design if it has not been produced yet. If you found a mistake, please do the following:

- start the configurator again and create a new design

- choose a metal edition and put a coin into the basket

- In the basket please click on the link "Druckvorlage: Dein Design" (see image below, marked yellow)

- copy the link in your browser (it ends with .png) and then send the link to with the subject "Changed design, Order number xxxx" and enter your order number.

I want to reorder an existing motif. Is it possible?

Yes, we keep all motifs for 2 years. If you want to reorder one from an old order, please start the configurator and simply add the order number (from that the motif shall be chosen) instead of "Your text". Then order your metal editions. If there is the possibility of more than one motif then please enter a comment with a unique reference to the wanted motif.



If you have got further questions simply write us an email:!