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Activationcode Retrieval

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How to activate your Geocoin


Trackingcode = engraved number on the coin
Activation code = one time code for the activation at


What means activation?
When you bought a coin or got one as a gift, the coin is not activated. If the coin shall travel you have to activate it first at There aren't any additional costs, of course! Only after the activation the according icon will be shown in your profile and will be linkes with your Account. For the activation you need the trackingcode AND the activation code.

Where do I get the activation code for my Geocoin?
The activation codes for geocoins from can be retrieved here. You will need the trackingcode that is engraved on your Geocoin.

How do I activate Geocoin?
Click on "Play" >> „Find Trackables“ at and follow the instructions. Link:

Now you'll need the trackincode as well as the activation code. 


Retrieve you activation code for this coins(alphabetical order):
    • My Personal Geocoin